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@ON Business Brokers is a leading Business Brokerage Company, specializing in Businesses for Sale and Commercial Properties. They believe in helping people achieve their dream lifestyle by selling businesses that are just right for their clients. @On focuses a large part of their attention on customer experience and customer excellence. Business broking/real estate is notoriously known as the second most socially irresponsible job – right behind financial advisor. This stigma plays a huge part in the industry as salespeople and companies are perceived as robotic and inhumane.

@On Business Brokers bring their empathy and human traits to the forefront of their business. They believe in providing an authentic human experience during each transaction. In fact, they are in the business of selling dreams, hope and better futures by connecting clients to their goals via business sales. @On Business Brokers required an agency that is capable of bringing out the human qualities of their brand and understanding that their unique selling point is in their human interactions.

We developed a brand and built a website that brought @On’s best features to the forefront. The brand’s identity uses soft shapes and letterforms to communicate approachability, harmony and the desire to work with the client. Organic shapes, such as circles, remind us of natural objects such as the human face which is why they have been used to psychologically tie @On’s brand back to being human. Orange has been used as the base colour of the brand because it instills emotions of warmth, happiness, creativity, and aspiration.

We worked directly with @On’s Founder to automate the admin and sales protocol processes to reduce a large amount of the workload. We designed a website that allows users to view business listings, and make inquiries. The handling of inquiries and listings are the most time-consuming tasks that brokers perform daily. The website removes that stress by providing that information directly to the users and notifies brokers only once the client is ready to proceed with a sale. Brokers can now focus on providing real value to their clients by providing the best human experience.

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  • Brand Strategy
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