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Hifi Corporation


During our nearly 4-year stint with HiFi Corp, we had the great pleasure of working closely with amazing people on various B2B and inbound marketing campaigns.

Reagency was contacted to bridge the skill gap between HiFi Corp and the market requirements. The digital team was hindered by a lack of knowledge and experience in technical and design skills. Their strategic team had a vision and a plan. Yet without the skills and technical know-how to execute campaigns, targets began to suffer. Having previously worked in the tech industry, our project and creative directors had the right skills and experience to bridge this gap. What started out as a temporary project quickly turned into a long-term contract.

We worked directly on multiple full-service digital campaigns focusing on direct sales. During commercial down periods, we turned our attention to B2B marketing and fostering relationships with tech giants and suppliers. With our help, HiFi Corp was able to leverage its position in the market to directly affect their bottom-line in the digital space. We increased email open rates from 9,8%, below industry average (19,8%), to 24,2 % and click-throughs from 1.1% to 3.2%.

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  • B2B Marketing
  • Campaign Management
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  • Digital Strategy
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  • Campaign Management
  • Digital Strategy
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